The new reality

This morning I stood outside our local Gail’s bakery waiting to be allowed into the shop to buy a loaf of bread. We stood roughly two metres apart except for a woman with a pram who pushed her child right up next to me. I felt obliged to comment.

I pointed out politely that if she wasn’t going to keep to a two metre distance then what was the point of any of us standing outside at all. Luckily she agreed and moved back but I could see that things could kick off very quickly as people will be come more and more frustrated.

The park was still busy with people jogging and personal training this morning and, to my concern, lots of people stopped to stroke Agnes. She is a very social dog who loves interaction, loves to be stroked and petted and given attention. Unfortunately now I’m thinking she may be a carrier and might have to stay on the lead to social distance.

Other than that, it’s a lovely Spring morning in London and the builder is here making a bloody mess in the kitchen!

Week Two…



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