Lockdown in London

Well, so much for waking up and finding it was all a dream!

Today is the first day of proper lockdown in London and the rest of the UK and it will be interesting to see what happens next.

It’s a lovely sunny Spring day, the clocks go forward this weekend, and the British,  particularly Londoners who don’t have gardens, take to the parks.

I have never seen so many joggers so perhaps there’s hope for obesity but what concerns me the most will be the closure of the parks so we can’t walk Agnes.

I went out at 6:30am this morning before the joggers had arrived and managed to give Agnes some time alone. The vibe is certainly different as people have stopped saying good morning and instead veer madly off the path to stay the obligatory two metres apart. But not everyone’s doing it and I worry that further measures will be taken…


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