Two weeks

It’s the end of two weeks and social distancing has become the new normal. What an adaptable species you humans are!

Working from home continues to go well with a flexible schedule to allow time to exercise and do P.E with Joe, a relaxed lunch hour and then an early finish to allow time to cook, enjoy an aperitif and have a bit of a dance in the kitchen starting with my nightly rendition of Solitary huMan. Personally I’m really quite enjoying it and might even prefer this to going into an office.

On the home front we have been busy moving along with the Gentleman’s Club (aka Red Room/Panic Room) and I have taken over kitchen installation as the fitters are isolating. So far I have installed drawers and shelves and am planning on hanging a door and installing the knobs so we can even open the drawers!

And today my Coronavirus impulse buy of a new heavy-duty sewing machine arrived. Intended for upholstery, it will fuel my “make do and mend” mentality as I can turn all my old clothes into new and exciting fashion choices for the summer… as if, let’s see if it makes it out of the box!

So with all that going on, as well as full-time work, walking the dog and maintaining a good dress sense, there’s not much time to think about the doom and gloom of the statistics.

Happy inside.


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