A bit samey

As I embark on week seven, work from home, things have become a bit samey especially as this was only supposed to be for one day.

The weekend fun list feels a little repetitive although we’re still loving walks to Hyde Park and around west London. This weekend we walked down Portobello Road which was completely deserted and not the throng of tourists it’s been in the past.

I started Spring Cleaning just in time for the weather to cool off a little as we’ve been enjoying a strangely warm spring for the past few weeks.

Convinced the lack of pollution and jet trails must have let the sun in, it’s been absolutely glorious but sure enough, the next ten days look a bit more gloomy (normal) so perhaps I was a little premature in packing up my winter coats.

And generally the response when anyone asks is, “Same old, same old.”

There’s no end in sight, at least not in London where it’s hard to imagine how things will go forward as apparently there’s no going back.

Just another Monday morning…


The Weekend Fun List!

This weekend’s fun list looks quite a lot like last weekend’s:

Bake a cake

Paint/blobby paintings of flowers

Embroidery/dubious cushion cover

Clear out clothes/optimistically put winter clothes away

Hang new blinds in the kitchen (hold on, that’s an exciting new item!)

Walk to Hyde Park, stay two metres away from everyone

Friday night quiz with friends/drink too much

Saturday evening cocktail making with family/drink too much

And that’s the weekend sorted!

Lay offs and furloughs

Exciting new terms are being bandied about this week as we complete Week Five, WFH (work from home) WTF. Furlough keeps making me think of furrow, perhaps it’s the furrowed brow of worry.

For the first time this week, I heard mention of company lay-offs within my department. Contractors, freelancers and non-essential staff are all being considered for lay-offs and it’s fair to say that the longer lockdown continues, no one is safe.

Ironically I’m insanely busy but who knows how long that will last as the changing face of retail means that things are not what they were and the salad days are well and truly over.

We are discussing contingency plans, should the worst happen.

Do I start looking into a Deliveroo cycling career (I have a bike and a face mask) or head to Tesco to take up one of the supermarket jobs on offer (I am experienced after all)? Apparently we need 70,000 fruit and vegetable pickers as people are too posh to pick in this country and we’re now importing mask-wearing Romanians to come and do it for us.

So with another weekend looming, it’s time to write the Weekend Fun list!



Kitchen Yoga

The kitchen (partially finished and partially furnished) has become the multi-purpose room. By day I sit and work on the garden table on a laptop and the rest of the time it’s a room for cooking, painting, dancing, socialising and now, yoga.

I have given up on Joe Wick’s P.E. for kids which is on every morning at 9am. Too many squats for my liking and have returned to Iyengar Yoga having found a good online class which I can play on YouTube.

I rolled out my trusty mat this week and tried a few of the old poses. The (older) body remembers the basics and with practise I should be more flexible than I have been… if only the dog would get off the mat!

My first shoulder stand for a while, not quite straight. Agnes was less than impressed!



A lovely weekend

This weekend we wrote the list of fun and crossed things off as we did them.

As the ultimate hobbyist I painted a few splotchy paintings of flowers and started embroidering a cushion cover.

I baked scones for the first time and cooked a confit de canard which took six hours of very slow cooking and was worth every minute of it.

We planted plants in our courtyard and walked around Paddington basin for our essential exercise. We discovered a quiet sunny spot outside a deserted M&S where we sat and had a drink.

It was very tranquil and quite relaxing until we realised we were sitting in the shadow of St Mary’s hospital and the chimney above us might have been the crematorium. Epicentre? Possibly not the best place to sit.

Essential exercise continued on Sunday as we headed off to Hyde Park. We skulked down the back streets and kept to our obligatory two metres in order to avoid contamination.

Luckily Spring wasn’t on lockdown as the weather was beautiful and the flowers were in full bloom.

And with all that done, it was a busy weekend with hardly enough time to watch the news.

Groundhog Day

I think my new least favourite term is “New Normal” followed closely by “Unprecedented Times.”

Yes, I get this is not normal. Three weeks in, it’s rapidly becoming normal but let’s be honest, it’s a bit dull.

As griping as the one topic of conversation and the leaderboard of deaths are, it would be nice to talk about something else!

On one hand, I wish I lived in Germany as they seem to have better testing facilities, then on the other hand, Sweden seem to be going to restaurants, bars and schools without dying so they’re probably having more fun. France and Italy are still dropping like flies despite complete lockdown so who knows what’s working?

Eat, sleep, work and repeat!