A lovely weekend

This weekend we wrote the list of fun and crossed things off as we did them.

As the ultimate hobbyist I painted a few splotchy paintings of flowers and started embroidering a cushion cover.

I baked scones for the first time and cooked a confit de canard which took six hours of very slow cooking and was worth every minute of it.

We planted plants in our courtyard and walked around Paddington basin for our essential exercise. We discovered a quiet sunny spot outside a deserted M&S where we sat and had a drink.

It was very tranquil and quite relaxing until we realised we were sitting in the shadow of St Mary’s hospital and the chimney above us might have been the crematorium. Epicentre? Possibly not the best place to sit.

Essential exercise continued on Sunday as we headed off to Hyde Park. We skulked down the back streets and kept to our obligatory two metres in order to avoid contamination.

Luckily Spring wasn’t on lockdown as the weather was beautiful and the flowers were in full bloom.

And with all that done, it was a busy weekend with hardly enough time to watch the news.

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