Lay offs and furloughs

Exciting new terms are being bandied about this week as we complete Week Five, WFH (work from home) WTF. Furlough keeps making me think of furrow, perhaps it’s the furrowed brow of worry.

For the first time this week, I heard mention of company lay-offs within my department. Contractors, freelancers and non-essential staff are all being considered for lay-offs and it’s fair to say that the longer lockdown continues, no one is safe.

Ironically I’m insanely busy but who knows how long that will last as the changing face of retail means that things are not what they were and the salad days are well and truly over.

We are discussing contingency plans, should the worst happen.

Do I start looking into a Deliveroo cycling career (I have a bike and a face mask) or head to Tesco to take up one of the supermarket jobs on offer (I am experienced after all)? Apparently we need 70,000 fruit and vegetable pickers as people are too posh to pick in this country and we’re now importing mask-wearing Romanians to come and do it for us.

So with another weekend looming, it’s time to write the Weekend Fun list!



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