A bit samey

As I embark on week seven, work from home, things have become a bit samey especially as this was only supposed to be for one day.

The weekend fun list feels a little repetitive although we’re still loving walks to Hyde Park and around west London. This weekend we walked down Portobello Road which was completely deserted and not the throng of tourists it’s been in the past.

I started Spring Cleaning just in time for the weather to cool off a little as we’ve been enjoying a strangely warm spring for the past few weeks.

Convinced the lack of pollution and jet trails must have let the sun in, it’s been absolutely glorious but sure enough, the next ten days look a bit more gloomy (normal) so perhaps I was a little premature in packing up my winter coats.

And generally the response when anyone asks is, “Same old, same old.”

There’s no end in sight, at least not in London where it’s hard to imagine how things will go forward as apparently there’s no going back.

Just another Monday morning…


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