VE Day Celebrations

Seventy five years later and we’re still banging on about VE Day. Will it ever be laid to rest?

This year Coronavirus has reignited the Blitz spirit apparently as everything is being compared to WW2 including Captain, now Colonel Tom shuffling round his garden and “We’ll meet again” having a resurgence in popularity. For goodness sake!

Walking across the road to our nearby park yesterday afternoon, I would challenge you to spot anyone in Lockdown.

No one was social distancing, football, frisbees, kids, dogs, bikes, sunbathers, picnics and not a face mask insight.

It was all there and while everyone was having a jolly time and it’s a bit like an extended holiday for a lot of people, what’s the point of shutting down the entire economy?

And so back to virtual VE Day where we’re all supposed to go outside for a singalong this evening, let me guess… We’ll meet again!!

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