Getting back on track

As it looks unlikely that I’ll be going back to work in an office for a while, things had to be taken in hand.

I am now on day three, low carb, no booze and clean(er) living and I’m feeling much better for it.

It was getting too easy to drink on Wednesday (the new Friday), eat massive plates of food, do no exercise and take part in virtual quiz nights and cocktail making. All good fun but quite detrimental as the scales crept up and the mental health went down.

And so, time to get things sorted as things are not going to change for a while.

I have ordered a new chair as I need to organise a better work set up. The garden chair is doing my back in and the garden table is not ideal for a laptop on a yoga block. Not working well from home.

Good news today as we have managed to persuade the kitchen fitter to come and finish off our 90% kitchen next week. Great excitement as we currently have half a door on one cupboard and can’t open the soap drawer on the washing machine.

All this is looking positive and what with trying to find loopholes into France, we’re hoping we might even be able to go in early July.

After all, it would still be working from home.

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