This week

While most of the UK are furloughed, unemployed or basically on holiday, I’m finding myself busier than normal working a solid ten hours at the garden table. I forget to stand up and have to unfold myself at the end of each day easing my back straight and stretching my legs.

Whatever happened to working from home being more flexible?

It seems there’s no excuse for being late to work, not attending a meeting, going to a doctor’s appointment or just taking a day off.

Holidays are a thing of the past as there’s nowhere to go.

I haven’t taken a day off since Christmas and have weeks of annual leave to take. Still, the annual treat of summer Fridays will be starting up in a couple of weeks and I will happily be taking Friday afternoons off.

As recession, rising taxes and unemployment will inevitably follow the fun times of Coronavirus, I’m just happy to have a job for now and am doing everything I can to hang on to it.

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