Pruning Olives

Having returned to ground zero, I decided I needed to prune the branches away from the house (to avoid having to clear the gutter again) and so up the very tall ladder I went.

The trouble with the South of France is that every plant is a behemoth and needs constant cutting back. Miss a year and suddenly you’ve got a garden full of triffids.

The tree (and giant hedge of ivy) were no exception and so I cleared branches away from the house and the power lines until a large pile of leaves and branches stopped me from getting down the ladder.

And then I stopped for lunch. I was getting a bit tired and it was getting a bit hot.

After lunch, perhaps I was touched by the sun as I embarked on pruning another tree. And it was a big one. Actually it was more like three trees as it had three trunks. What was I was thinking?

A few exhausting hours later I had blisters from the secateurs and couldn’t do any more.

The branches were opened up so a bird could fly between them (apparently a good guide when pruning an olive) and I was in big trouble for making a mess!

A big mess
My first attempt at pruning

As we have another nine olive trees in the garden, I have plenty more to do!


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