Good grief it’s August!

Suddenly it’s August and time is running out fast.

I have been busy (and stressed) with work, we had four action-packed days with family staying, we have rented the house to a new tenant for the winter (unless she gets cold feet) and we have an Airbnb booking starting on the 15th which means we’re heading to London on the train on the 16th.

It’s a lot and needless to say, there’s a lot to be done.

And as before, the future is unknown.

Are we heading back to another lockdown? Or quarantine? Or will France be on the banned list so we won’t be able to get back?

The fun continues especially as the pool has remained stubbornly cloudy for the past ten days which has seriously tested my mettle. Quite frankly, what hasn’t this year?

And so on to vacuum bags to avoid mouldy bedding…

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