And a pomegranate tree

There is a stunning pomegranate tree down the road and each summer I watch the fruit begin to ripen as we prepare to leave France for the winter. By November the leaves will have dropped and all that remains are the ripe fruit (one of my favourites) hanging like Christmas decorations waiting to be plucked.

I’ve been after a pomegranate tree for a while and so when we just happened to be at the garden centre on my birthday (just a few more succulents for my desert garden) we spotted the fruit trees being wheeled out and lo and behold, a lovely tall pomegranate tree for the bargain price of €24.99. Perfect!

Big T bought it for me as part of my birthday celebrations, agreed to the requested location (where it could be seen from the kitchen) and planted it into our side garden which is a work in progress. I hope she will enjoy her life, be surrounded by lavender (next year) and start to grow spectacular fruit!

And hopefully I’ll be here to pick them!

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