Back on the tiles

It had been a while but with preparations for winter well underway (I am vacuum-packing every item of linen in the house) it was time to get back up on the roof to repair a couple of tiles.

This time was tricky as I was carrying a canvas bag with heavy pot tiles, secateurs to trim back the olive tree and a bottle of water as it was getting a bit hot.

Up and over the top I went, daring to stand up on the ridge to obsessively look for a sea view ( I’m convinced we have one but it’s reluctant to reveal itself). No such luck from my lofty heights. And so over the other side to perch precariously over the edge of the drainpipe to replace a tile and cut back a large branch of olive.

It was a bit much in the end as the olive branch almost took me off the roof and so I decided that enough was enough and it was time to get down and cool off in the pool.

That might have been the end of my roof repairing activities!

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