Yet another birthday!

Another year gone by and yet another birthday, they seem to keep coming thick and fast. This year, 51. How did that happen?!

Last year was a tough one for me. I wasn’t ready to be fifty (as if I had a choice) but by running away to Iceland, I managed to cope with the transition whilst surrounded by stunning nature.

As a contrast, this year wasn’t so bad!

With the events of 2020 so far, we’ve literally been out to eat once since March so to go out to a Michelin-rated restaurant conveniently located in our local village, certainly seemed like a treat.

The St Pierre du Clos is a lovely restaurant with a shaded courtyard near the church and local square. We wore masks to enter the restaurant and then, once seated, were able to remove them and enjoy the ambiance of the day.

It was possibly one of the best meals either of us had enjoyed, perhaps the atmosphere, or the novelty of eating out or perhaps it just was sublime cooking.

We started with an aperitif, a coupe de champagne for me as it was my birthday, a G&T for Big T and then we shared a bottle of bio Rosé which tasted of lavender and Provence.

There were two menu options so I went for the most delicious and delicate risotto of girolles with a little truffle jus followed by a perfectly grilled fish with a crispy skin, charred broccoli, the smoothest pomme puree and a silky velouté. I would eat the entire thing right now if I could.

Big T started with a chevre salad with translucent haricot beans and pesto, refreshing and cool, followed by lamb (cooked pinky), aubergine parmigiana and potato fondant.

We shared an incredible plate of cheese and ended with ice-cream, fruit and a waffle. Fig for Big T, pear for me and then coffee. Bliss!

We would love to go more often but perhaps it’s nice to have a special treat now and then so the memory lives on. A very special lunch.

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