Farewell Fragonard

Being in the South of France for the summer always involves several trips to one of my favourite shops, Fragonard, in the nearby town of Grasse. There are several Fragonard shops, from the main shop selling candles, room diffusers, soaps and perfumes all beautifully packaged, to fashion, home and les enfants.

Today we went for our final visit for the summer as I indulged in a few more lovely soaps, candles, scents and soap dishes.

We recently discovered a jasmine called Jasmin de Grasse and planted one in the garden. Smelling a beautifully packaged jasmine soap at Fragonard, it instantly recalled the Jasmin de Grasse and I knew it was a smell to get us through the winter of discontent ahead.

I love every visit to Fragonard, from the first time I went for my birthday three years ago to today, it’s a pleasure for the senses and could only be experienced in the South of France and, I might add, very reasonably priced!

À bientôt Fragonard, until next summer hopefully!

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