La Fontaine

Of course, with only a few days left before we head to the frozen North, we decided to go and look at a fountain. Priorities? A fountain we won’t see for the next nine months, what a good idea!

I’ve had my eye out for one for a while as we have a spot which looks like it used to have one and where one is certainly needed. Fountains don’t come cheap so when Big T spotted what looked like the perfect one for the bargain price of €90, we thought we’d better go and have a look.

It turned out to be so much more than we thought as the lady was selling lots of garden pots, the fountain, furniture and more as she was downsizing and moving to Cannes. Big T spotted an enormous Biot jar used for storing olive oil, they normally cost €1800+ but she was asking €60… it had been cracked and repaired but worse than that, it was full of soil and sitting precariously on a wall by the pool. It would have to be emptied and then rolled very carefully not into a Mini ideally. The fountain was cemented into the patio and would need several crowbars or brute strength to break it out. Hmm.

Despite calling in reinforcements, we still weren’t sure any of it would be possible but ever the optimist, Big T arranged to return on Sunday for another go. The lady said we should take a picnic!

So, perhaps a fountain or perhaps just a photo… it looks better in reality and is the perfect size.

As for the biot jar, well, time will tell whether we manage to get it home. It looks a bit like this but doesn’t cost $4288!

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