A new acquisition

Sunday morning and Big T set off to chip a fountain out of a patio and try to squeeze an enormous jar into a very small car. I declined to attend as I had other (less insane) things to do!

Several hours later he returned. A large pot with a lemon tree sat jauntily on the passenger seat and a rather charming fountain (with a little chip in the foot where it had been prised from its resting place) lay very heavily on the back seat. He would be returning for the large jar apparently!

The fountain was extremely heavy and took a great deal of work to manoeuvre it out of the car and gently prop it up in its future home. It was the perfect fit and will create a lovely entry if we’re able to get it working next year. In the meantime it will rest for the winter and hopefully not fall over.

The new lemon tree was carefully placed on one of my brick circles in the side garden where it will also stay until we decide if it needs to be moved. Hopefully it will survive the winter.

As for the large jar, well I’m waiting to hear the beep of the horn which will announce the arrival of…

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