Big T and the giant Biot jar

The horn beeped at the gate and Agnes and I dashed out to see… a rather forlorn looking chap sans giant Biot jar. Apparently (and not entirely surprisingly) the jar had refused to travel in such a tiny car and that was that.

Or not.

Refusing to give up, Big T will now be organising a pick up and drop off while we return to London.

Yes, perhaps that would have been a good idea in the first place… but I certainly wouldn’t be the one to say that!

The giant jar also seemed to have damaged one of the back windows in the Mini so we had to cover it with plastic and tape it up so it’s hopefully weatherproof until it can be repaired. Did the jar have the last laugh after all?

With merely hours until departure, did someone say fiasco?!

An optimist and his giant jar

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