And that’s that

And so with the usual journey back on multiple trains we were suddenly back at home in the UK.

It wasn’t too bad despite Agnes throwing up on the train and then doing a poo with only fifteen minutes left. Bad timing but perhaps masks aren’t such a bad thing as no one seemed to be able to smell anything. Perhaps they all had Covid?!

It was certainly much cooler (and not in a good way) as we stopped briefly in Marseille and again in Lille. The obligatory European winter puffer jacket and scarf were out in force as wardrobes had already transitioned.

Arriving back in London it was jumpers and heating on as the weather had certainly turned from the hot and heady days of August, and with that, the party atmosphere of London parks combined with working from home had certainly ceased. Apparently the party now starts at 10pm with the pub curfew.

And so, with a nice few months in France to break up the challenges of 2020, we’re back to work (from home) and are busy thinking of new projects.

And in the meantime, Big T is trying to get his giant Biot jar delivered. That should keep us laughing for a while!

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