Holding back the Tiers

Or perhaps it should be Tiers for Fears?!

Today was the day we became Tier 2. There are three tiers: shit, shitter and really shit. As we’re Tier 2, we’re in Shitter so let’s hope we don’t go up to Really Shit.

And so London Lockdown begins again but this time it’s so much more confusing.

As far as we can tell, we can’t meet with any other household inside a building, we (our household) can go to pubs or restaurants but we can’t meet up with anyone and we can go outside with a group of six people. Confused? Yes, apparently so is the rest of the UK.

The other question is, what the fuck is a bubble? It used to be so easy to answer, a bubble was just a bubble, now it involves a household with only one adult.

And so, just like that, gone are our Sunday lunch plans with family where I was planning to cook confit de canard (I think I’ll make it anyway). gone are holidays, weekends away and Halloween was cancelled a long time ago. Boo!

And as for Christmas, I imagine that will be just another day of isolation watching yet another bloody box set.

So the only thing to do is stay warm, eat well and try to stay sane for the foreseeable future.

And be glad we’re not in Manchester!

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