Autumn in Amersham

Saturday and despite the weather forecast, we decided to get out of town before we get locked down (again).

We set off to Amersham where we trampled through glorious Autumn leaves and then got drenched to the skin in horizontal rain.

Agnes was beside herself with sheer joy as she loves jumping in the rain, us not so much but we all soldiered on for a couple of hours enjoying the change of scenery and fresh air.

We made it back safely to a pub for lunch where we peeled off a layer or two of sodden clothing. The hard part was putting cold wet clothes back on for the walk back to the station. Ugh.

Arriving home it was hot baths and showers for all and nice warm dry clothes.

Despite the rain we had enjoyed the day and if we can get out, hope to do more days out of town.

Agnes put herself straight to bed.

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