Breaking bread

I have taken hold of the bread baton and am on my fourth loaf as I type.

Delia’s wholemeal loaf which consists literally of chucking ingredients in a bowl, leaving to rise and baking (no kneading!) is my idea of the perfect brown loaf. It tastes of nostalgia, when Hovis used to be a loaf with its name embossed in the side instead of the nasty sliced processed nonsense claiming to be Hovis these days. My third go was the best as I switched to a smaller loaf tin and with a crusty fresh (tiny) loaf and fresh salted butter, life was good.

I’m now attempting my first white loaf (no sourdough here!) and have again gone with the smaller tin and so have a couple of rolls from the excess dough. I’ve just had a little look and maybe I could have left it all in the bigger tin as we have lift off!

Let’s see if this one works and who knows, maybe it’s the beginning of the end, a slippery buttery slope of disastrous deliciousness…

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