Groundhog Day… again

The other night I dreamed it was Groundhog Day, the film where the same day keeps repeating over and over again.

Waking up, it seemed my dream was indeed a reality as we have sunk back into the depths of despair in the UK with one in fifty people now apparently contaminated. Except us.

We are now worse than we were in the jolly beginning of all this, when working from home was a novelty and we all enjoyed exercising in the kitchen. That lasted for two weeks.

Nine (or ten) months later in the depths of winter and we’re now in Lockdown 3 for the rest of our lives. The novelty has well and truly worn off.

We are not drinking alcohol and are banned from travelling so have no means of escape whether mental or physical. The temptation to get into bed and just stay there is great. As next Monday is actually suicide Monday in a normal year, I can only imagine 2021.

Of course we’re coping. It’s cold, dark and not much fun but for the moment we’re ok.

We have fun conversations of “where would you go if you could travel?” And “where else in the world would you live?” The answers range from anywhere to Barbados and the Scilly Isles. I still have my hopes pinned on a getaway vehicle campervan.

And so it’s not looking good for 2021. This is making 2020 look good!

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