Week One 2021

What a week!

From the chaos of Brexit to the super mutant virus with numbers spiralling out of control to protests, death and political insanity on Capitol Hill, it’s a sci-fi writer’s dream come true. Seriously, you couldn’t write this shit, or could you?!

Conspiracists are out in force, anti-vaxers refuse vaccines based on 5G implants, Trump supporters are right wing extremists. It’s a world gone mad and yet all we need to do is wear a face mask and all our problems are solved.

How do you begin to cope with the chaos?My solution is to hibernate and domesticate.

I cook a lot and I clean a lot it seems. Today it was Indian dal, spicy cauliflower and basmati rice. For lunch a homemade celery soup and homemade wholemeal bread.

Between loads of washing, I do my job and walk the hopping dog slowly in the park.

And then sleep. Alcohol-free sleep is good. One dreams and sleeps more heavily. It’s pure escapism from the madness, each night imagining you’re on a tropical beach, skiing down a snow-covered mountain or swimming in balmy azure water. Bliss.

Thank goodness we have imagination to take us out of our reality!

I wonder what happens next week!

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