Living in the 70s

We seem to have regressed to life in the 1970s.

I’m baking and cooking a lot and strangely all recipes seem to require a lot of butter. At the weekend I made a meat pie for the first time and it felt very retro (my version of the classic Fray Bentos). Before Christmas I made a Black Forest Trifle which seemed to combine everything from the seventies. Will the next step be fish fingers followed by Angel Delight?

The working day continues to consist of hours of zoom calls interspersed with doing loads of washing, vacuuming a lot of dust, waiting for bread to rise and doing a daily yoga class of breathing.

I’m not sure Covid has done much for the emancipation of women as I feel I’m doing a lot of cleaning and cooking these days but we are eating well, staying reasonably clean and keeping warm!

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