Dry January Day 14

I have entered the smug phase of Dry January where, after two weeks without alcohol, I realise what I should really look like.

My eyes are brighter, my skin is smoother, healthier-looking, a better colour and less angry or maybe I’m less angry! I’m sleeping brilliantly and am needing less sleep to feel more energised. Hurrah!

Oh the joy of not drinking, not feeling toxic, not feeling tired or hungover. While I enjoy a drink or two at the weekend as we try not to drink during the week anyway, I prefer the alcohol-free version of me. Smug, smug, smuggity smug!

Of course, I say this every time. I decide I’m never drinking again until Big T’s birthday shows up in February and then it’s all over for another year (or until Oct-Sober comes around). Why am I such a lemming?

Maybe this year will be different…

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