Several days later…

Hello and bonjour from France and what a journey that was!

We moved our tickets as France was introducing tougher border control for Brits. Rather than quarantining for ten days, we hoped to get in before the gates were shut.

Picked up in Folkestone and eventually dropped off in Calais, we had everything from PCR tests, animal travel certificates, justification for travel and double vaxxed for good measure.

It was all a bit stressful as we sat in Linda’s dog taxi for four hours as there were delays and a tailback when we arrived.

As it turned out, it was all fine and we were dropped off, a little shell shocked in Calais about six hours after leaving London where we checked in to a hotel and went to the beach. How surreal.

A little sand on the nose
Hotel de Ville Calais

We spent a pleasant albeit exhausted evening in Calais eating delicious cold pink prawns followed by moules mariners and frites washed down with a lovely Rosé before our arduous journey continued the next day… the days of spontaneous travel are over for good!

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