One week later

A week later and things have been cleaned, pruned, vacuumed and swept and are looking a lot better. The pool is starting to clear and has changed from forest green, to jade and is moving towards turquoise as it gradually rids itself of the winter algae.

We’ve had the olive trees cut back as this year, I am not doing any more stupid jobs like grouting the pool, trimming the giant hedge, replacing tiles on the roof or pruning olive trees which were just the tip of the iceberg last year. Essentially I overdid it and now am spending my time planting succulent gardens and sewing which are much more gentile activities!

I’m off work this week but will be starting up again next week so am getting my workspace set up and staging my backdrop with a new desk and chair, a new fan (essential in July and August) and testing the speed of the internet which is pretty slow.

Hopefully I’ll be up and running by Monday as I’m already up to 400 emails and it’s only Tuesday!

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