Under the fence

3am and I was awake. Why?

The outside lights were left on and when I went downstairs, the switch didn’t work and I couldn’t turn them off. Agnes came along to see what was going on and despite my better judgement, I let her out into the garden.

I went back to sleep, dozing off in the already hot June night.

“Bow wowww wooowwww” woke me not long after. Agnes doesn’t bark much but when she does, it sounds a lot like the crow of a rooster and isn’t appreciated by anyone in the early hours so I leapt up, grabbed her lead and went out in search of the source of my irritation.

I could hear her rustling around in the giant hedge but couldn’t see her. Turning on the torch on my phone, I saw a furry brown leg and a black tail pass by… on the wrong side of the fence.

The escape artist tendencies of the Welsh Terrier haven’t been particularly strong in Agnes but there she was, clearly on the wrong side of the fence which meant it was just a matter of time before she jumped off the wall into the neighbour’s garden and vanished into the night.

As she passed by again, I grabbed her back leg as I managed to wedge myself into the hedge (in my nightie, 3:30am, being bitten by mosquitoes…) I tried to shine my torch with one hand and hold her leg with the other.

Eventually I managed to move my hand up to reach her front leg and then to her collar where I was carefully able to attach her lead (full contortionist at the point) and turn her around to face the hole.

Pushing the green diamond fencing up, Agnes wiggled back underneath with a lot of encouragement (pulling) from me until she popped out on the right side. Phew, crisis averted, I’d been bitten by mozzies but at least the dog was back in the garden and I didn’t have to knock on the neighbour’s door to look for an errant Welsh Terrier (in French!)

Back to bed we went, lights still on, now with a hole in the fence and Agnes firmly attached to the lead.

It would be a very slow day after the night time shenanigans.

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