June ending

We’re approaching the end of June which seems to have flashed by in the blink of an eye. I’m ensconced in the small top bedroom following a daily routine of swimming continuously in circles for fifteen minutes and swimming very short lengths to practise breathing for another fifteen minutes. It’s more effective than it sounds!

My daily zoom calls, team restructures, admin and HR continue and when possible I try to do something creative. I’m getting more of a handle on this new job and distance has actually been my friend with the hour time difference buffering me from the UK. There are return to office discussions, apparently the start date is September 1st (Covid permitting) so I’m making the most of my time before I have to start the slog back to Camden with my fingers crossed for the next lockdown!

I leave the house on average twice a week which means I’m well protected from Covid, as if we still care. In rural southern France it’s almost like it never happened. Life is a little more slow and simple as apart from work, I am sewing cushions, growing succulents and occasionally watching tennis and football.

And so as the weather heats up (30 degrees this week) the pace slows down a little as out of office replies bounce through and Summer Fridays are a nice corporate perk where every second Friday is a day off.

Enjoy the moment.

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