Last weekend we went on a day out by train to Deal and what a fabulous day it was!

The view from the cliff top from Dover to Deal was nothing short of Mediterranean as the sun glinted on the waves below and the cliffs gleamed white in the sunshine. Spectacular!

Arriving in Deal we meandered our way down to the High Street where independent interior shops sat next to wine bars, food stores and a Saturday market was in full swing.

We found our way into the conservation area where tiny fisherman’s cottages captured our hearts and imaginations as we (or rather I) have fancied a weekend cottage by the sea for ages.


We spent a lovely day in Deal, we sat on a bench by the sea, we learned about the Goodwin Sands, we walked to Walmer along The Strand, we drank Dandelion and Burdock which was not like the original, we visited two very nice pubs to support the local economy and then we headed back to London on the train.

Deal beach and pier

We were tired but replete from sunshine and fresh air.

Spyglass Cottage

I fell asleep that night dreaming of tiny seaside cottages with carved wooden seagulls in the windows.

Deal Castle

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