The end of the year

By the end of 2021 I had certainly had enough and needed to sign off for a few weeks.

The Christmas break never seems long enough and never seems reviving and so, now on Day 6 of 2022, I am (along with many others I suspect) reluctant to start work again as I feel like I never really stopped.

Still, we were able to enjoy a very festive family Christmas, a few very nice days in Wales which certainly whet the appetite for more Welsh adventures and a pit stop in Devon. We saw in the new year and have so far (at least as far as we know) dodged the Covid bullet but am sure it’s just a matter of time.

And so with all things January, we’re starting off with a month off the booze, I’m doing 30 days of yoga, am swimming and have restarted one of my many discarded hobbies.

This time I’m restarting sewing as I have everything I need and am not dependent on classes. As it’s only taken a year to fit a pair of trousers, I am progressing at great speed compared to upholstery where my half finished chair still waits almost two years later!