It would seem that a flu jab doesn’t stop you from getting flu so what’s the point?

It also turns out that I’m Covid Negative so that’s good news but I still have a horrible flu-ey cold so am indulging myself with a day of rest with a Welsh Terrier as a nurse, not a good one admittedly but a nice cuddly one.

Now, let’s get cosy…

My first cold

For the first time in two years, I’m ill. Boo!

All the symptoms, violent sneezing, sore throat, swollen glands, blocked ears, aching face and no sleep. I forgot how miserable having a heavy cold can be.

I think the worst cold I had was in December 2012. I walked into my new job and immediately came down with a filthy London cold which lasted for two weeks. It wasn’t the best start.

Yesterday I soldiered on through a major presentation at the same company surreptitiously blowing my nose when I could before finally logging off at 7pm and collapsing in a pathetic blob.

After a rotten night with no sleep, I’m still feeling dreadful and may even have to take a covid test. After bragging for two years that I haven’t had it, perhaps my day has come!

And just like that… it was ten years later

Ten years ago, hold on a second, TEN years ago. How did that happen?!

Yes, ten years ago I left LA in search of life, love and adventure and I found them all. My blog started as I set off in search of change and at first it was mostly a means of coping.

Along the way it turned into documentation of life, from renovations to work to the recent years of the pandemic. It’s fair to say my writing has been a little less joyous in recent years but it’s all progress and life goes on.

I suspect the adventures may pick up again, is there another renovation on the horizon? Will we get a second dog? Will we buy a camper van?!

While I haven’t been writing as frequently and sometimes I feel I can’t be as honest as I would like to be, this is still to be continued as life goes on, change happens and I’m still learning and hopefully growing.

Ten years ago I made a massive decision, a life choice which has paid off in all aspects of my life. I’m so grateful for having taken the leap of faith and perhaps I’ll be brave enough to leap again in the future.

More to come soon I hope!