Moving, not moving

So, the offer we made on the flat around the corner suddenly felt like a bad decision. The spare bedroom was referred to by Big T as The Cupboard, and we knew it would forever be its name, Our feet were very cold and we decided it wasn’t the right place for us. Coupled with a £5,000 non-refundable deposit from the seller to take it off the market, we decided to wait until our sale had progressed.

We then went back for a second look at a flat two doors down from us. Same building, same level, different floorplan. The price had been dropped significantly as the American buyers just wanted to sell and it seemed like an opportunity we couldn’t refuse and so we made an offer. So, if all goes through with our sale, we’ll move two doors down to number 84 where we’ll do the same thing all over again. A strange sense of deja vu except moving should be very easy!

To be fair, Number 84 is in much better condition and barely needs anything doing… just a new floor, new bathroom, possibly a new kitchen, new french doors and hopefully we’ll resist the temptation to rejig the floorplan by swapping the kitchen and master bedroom, that would be a very bad idea!

More to come on Property Chess!

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