Let’s get physical!

As this is my year of proactive and preventative health checks, I signed up for a couple of scans to check the innards and so spent a satisfying morning inside an MRI tunnel and a CT scanner at an astronomical cost but then again, what’s more important?

A quick initial follow up reassured me that everything looked pretty good and my brain hasn’t shrunk, hurrah! My spine has a curve or mild scoliosis (which I knew) and my lower back is a little bit worn out (buggered) probably from extreme activities like rowing so no real surprises there.

There are a couple of other things which are nothing to worry about (until you start googling) and I’ll have a more in-depth follow up to discuss maintenance and lifestyle but generally things are pretty good.

So all good and in my opinion, money well spent. Yes, I could have bought a Chanel handbag but what’s the point if I don’t have an arm to hang it on!

Easter weekend

The Easter long weekend is always the first real break after Christmas and so, as it was later this year and with the Scottish wedding and Covid to recover from, I decided to take the week off work.

With Easter came the first run of good weather. Four days of sun felt like a mini heatwave and a welcome relief after a long winter.

We spent Good Friday doing a little garden maintenance and enjoyed a family lunch on Easter Sunday with the other days spent walking around London, planning travel to France and generally enjoying a break.

After a week off and some nice weather, I finally felt much better after what had been a boring couple of months of cold and Covid.

Hello Spring!

A family wedding

Saturday was Wedding Day and after a brisk walk along a stunning beach, we headed down the main staircase and assembled in the wedding room ready for the formal part of the day.

The local beach
Kingsbarns Golf Links
Big Teeing off!
Heading downstairs

It was a lovely ceremony, tears, laughter and a literal knot was tied which followed a traditional Scottish hand binding which made the rest of us feel we weren’t quite married.

Getting ready for photographs
John &Fi
The three Amigos
Suited and booted

And then it was time for the reception where a piper piped the Bride and Groom into the room and a traditional dram of whisky was offered to the piper, and a plethora of speeches followed.

Scottish Nuptials

We headed north for the wedding of Big T’s nephew and lovely bride in a beautiful stately home on the coast near St Andrew’s.

On the train we met a Yorkshire man who lived in the Philippines and talked about many things for two and a half hours. Luckily he then got off the train.

The Northumberland coast was stunning and certainly an area to explore. Perhaps it was the glorious sunshine which made us think it would be worth a visit.

Arriving at Leuchars station, we had a friendly taxi driver who gave us a mini tour of St Andrew’s before dropping us at Cambo House, perfect timing for the start of the wedding’s celebrations with pizza in the vegan cafe on the estate.

Cambo House
The evening before
Pizza night

And we were off! A weekend of fun ahead.

Ten Days Later

This morning I tested negative to Covid. Finally.

I think I knew something was wrong when none of my emails made sense and I was taking everything VERY personally. At that point I decided to step away from communication, read all emails at least twice and try to stay off zoom meetings. It sort of worked, except when I forgot to do it!

Despite optimistically feeling better a couple of days in, the brain fog and exhaustion refused to relent and i started to feel I would never be well again.

Having a cold followed by Covid has been one of the less fun parties I’ve been invited to but I’ve upped my vitamins, slept as much as possible, reduced my working hours and been alcohol-free for weeks. Hopefully this has helped restore my health and sense of humour, something which has been sadly lacking in recent weeks.

With a short week ahead, a family wedding in Scotland and the Easter break coming up, I’m finally feeling a bit better although to be honest, the beast still feels like it’s lurking in the back of my throat and my voice is still not quite back to normal. Hopefully in another few days all will be well, and I’ll be boarding the train to St. Andrews on Friday with excitement at the weekend ahead.

Covid. Over it.