Ten Days Later

This morning I tested negative to Covid. Finally.

I think I knew something was wrong when none of my emails made sense and I was taking everything VERY personally. At that point I decided to step away from communication, read all emails at least twice and try to stay off zoom meetings. It sort of worked, except when I forgot to do it!

Despite optimistically feeling better a couple of days in, the brain fog and exhaustion refused to relent and i started to feel I would never be well again.

Having a cold followed by Covid has been one of the less fun parties I’ve been invited to but I’ve upped my vitamins, slept as much as possible, reduced my working hours and been alcohol-free for weeks. Hopefully this has helped restore my health and sense of humour, something which has been sadly lacking in recent weeks.

With a short week ahead, a family wedding in Scotland and the Easter break coming up, I’m finally feeling a bit better although to be honest, the beast still feels like it’s lurking in the back of my throat and my voice is still not quite back to normal. Hopefully in another few days all will be well, and I’ll be boarding the train to St. Andrews on Friday with excitement at the weekend ahead.

Covid. Over it.

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