Let’s get physical!

As this is my year of proactive and preventative health checks, I signed up for a couple of scans to check the innards and so spent a satisfying morning inside an MRI tunnel and a CT scanner at an astronomical cost but then again, what’s more important?

A quick initial follow up reassured me that everything looked pretty good and my brain hasn’t shrunk, hurrah! My spine has a curve or mild scoliosis (which I knew) and my lower back is a little bit worn out (buggered) probably from extreme activities like rowing so no real surprises there.

There are a couple of other things which are nothing to worry about (until you start googling) and I’ll have a more in-depth follow up to discuss maintenance and lifestyle but generally things are pretty good.

So all good and in my opinion, money well spent. Yes, I could have bought a Chanel handbag but what’s the point if I don’t have an arm to hang it on!

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