A Lille Adventure

As the bunting and the flags were rolled out on the first day of the Jubilee bank holiday (or Platty Joobs as it’s apparently being called) we made our escape to France.

The usual shenanigans ensued with an early train to Folkestone, bank holiday queue for the Eurotunnel as people tried desperately to get off this island and then, in bright sunshine, we arrived in Lille for an overnight stay.

We’ve passed through Lille before and eaten terrible food near the station but this time we discovered old Lille with meandering streets, hidden squares, independent designers and lots of really lovely shops. Grouped by industry, there was a street of restaurants, a street of bars, hairdressers, clothing, homewares, all beautiful, unique and enticing.

We started the evening in Le Place des Oignons where we sat outside a little wine bar and Agnes was adored.

We then move on to a small bar where the sun was beating down at 7pm and then on to a road of restaurants.

We discovered a specialty of Lille is Le Welsh. Apparently it’s a take on Welsh Rarebit which sounds a lot like a croque monsieur. That’s something for another trip as we didn’t try it, can you ever go wrong with cheese on toast?

After too many celebratory glasses of rosé, Summer! France! Escape! Food! Price of wine! we went to bed while it seemed the party was just getting started (memories of bedtime in the summer when it was still light outside and the older kids were still playing rounders).

After a terrible night’s sleep (too many glasses of celebratory Rosé) we were up and off at 6:30am to get our train to Paris.

Lille had been great fun and definitely worth stopping again.

We were heading south!

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