Materiel des animaux

We were on the train from Lille to Paris where we had a 53 minute connection when the train slowed and eventually stopped and nothing else happened.

Eventually the announcement came that there was animal material on the line and that the train had to wait. I assumed it wasn’t a rabbit but something rather more significant like a cow which must have been hit by another train. It doesn’t really bear thinking about, poor thing.

While it was a sad situation and obviously a bit of a mess, we had some concerns about getting our next train.

Time ticked on and when we eventually moved again, the announcement came that we were running 25-30 minutes behind schedule. Crikey, that meant getting from the Gare du Nord to the Gare de Lyon and on to our next train in about twenty minutes. Yikes!

We dashed off the train at the Gare du Nord and rushed down to the metro. Thank goodness for prior knowledge, we already had our metro tickets knowing there’s a queue otherwise and we were able to get straight on to a train.

Ten minutes later (which felt like forever) we jumped off at the Gare de Lyon and followed the crowds up to the Grandes Lignes where mayhem and chaos ensued (as normal).

Our train was boarding as we arrived and luckily had been delayed for fifteen minutes but still, we made it and sank relieved into our backward facing seats ready for a five and a half hour journey to Antibes.

With only a sandwich to share between us and feeling delicate from a bad night’s sleep and too many glasses of celebratory Rosé, it was going to be a long day ahead but at least we weren’t stuck in Paris!

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