A week in France

It’s been a week since we left London. During that time we missed the four days of Jubilee celebrations but celebrated our own arrival in the south of France after what felt like a long, cold winter in the UK.

We’ve spent a few days discovering general wear and tear, wondering what happened to the salad bowl and discovering that the washing machine now leaks. The chimney is completely black and the fireplace has a whopping big crack in it as apparently our winter tenants have burned every bit of wood they could lay their hands on.

Apart from that, things seem pretty much as we left them and the garden has flourished despite severe water restrictions and a complete hosepipe ban. It says a lot for planting drought-tolerant natives as lavender, olives and rosemary as well as my succulents have all done very well. Avocados not so much!

We’ve been adjusting to a different pace of life as things move a little slower, food tastes a lot better and the sun is guaranteed to shine at this time of year. Swimming has commenced as well as daily pool sweeping and skimming and a week has passed quite slowly. It’s good for one’s mental health and work/life balance although the last two years were easier without travelling back and forth to London. We’ll just have to see how it all goes.

It’s remarkably quiet here and for the majority of the day, the only sounds are the little birds feeding in the olive trees. With the temperature increasing, it’s important to remember not to do too much and to sit in the shade. Sounds idyllic.

Of course, we’ll be renovating the kitchen and knocking out the bathroom ceiling and a few other bits and pieces but surely that’s not too energetic!

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