Another jaunt

I made it back to France for four days where things had progressed with the kitchen, not so much with the bathroom. Deadline for completion, Sept 3rd.

Upon arrival the pool was looking ok but with a little alchemy I had it sparkling by the time I left. I feel much more confident with the pool and pool fear has abated. That only took five years!

Agnes was limping and very down in the furry mouth and so, after a quick visit to Dr Vincent in Valbonne, was soon kitted out in the cone of shame and a course of antibiotics. Apparently she has a burr stuck in her paw and may need a little surgery later this week.

And the rest of the time was spent looking at extortionately priced kitchen worktops, ordering bathroom fittings, booking travel and trying to organise what has become, the summer of insanity.

The sale has been pushed back, we have asked to complete by August 9th.

I have another five return flights between now and the end of August.

We’ve bought train tickets for Agnes’ return to the UK, September 2nd.

Apparently I’m going to Belgium the week of September 5th for work.

We have booked travel to the Isles of Scilly (delayed from 2021) September 9th

And to top that off, I bought a return flight on EasyJet to go to work this week and instantly regretted it.

I’m writing this now from the now delayed flight (1 hr 30 mins and counting) with a late arrival (midnight) into Gatwick, at least an hour from home. It doesn’t bode well.

I finally made it home at 02:15. It doesn’t deserve to be written about except to say that wandering around St Pancras station at 2am on a Monday night trying to find a non-existent taxi wasn’t my idea of glamorous travel.

We’re doing too much and ultimately something’s going to give. Hopefully not my sanity, Agnes’ paw or Big T’s sense of humour.

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