Last night I started tentatively packing. I decluttered ornaments, books, dried flowers and tchotchkes (aka crap) into boxes and ten boxes later I realised we have a lot of cushions.

This week we had an electrician round to swap our light fittings for replacements as this time we won’t be leaving everything behind. We’ve finally learned that some things can’t be replaced.

And, as for dates, well, as it wasn’t yesterday, we’re hoping for mid August but who knows and I may find myself unpacking boxes in a few weeks time.

One good thing about packing is that it allows time to emotionally separate. There are certainly pros and cons to our flat, a lack of light being one major pro, but from where we began three and a half years ago, in a state of dereliction, it’s turned into a nice place to live.

Hopefully the next one will be even better and with a little more natural light!

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