The death and subsequent funeral of the Queen was a strange time in London. The news itself was quite sudden and shocking when it was announced and more emotional than anticipated.

What followed was a surreal time, a media blackout which consisted of one news story for ten days, London in mourning and a queue which surpassed all queues to view a coffin.

Church bells tolled and cannons were fired and the mood was somber. The crown passed imperceptibly to the next unelected head and nobody said a word, because they were arrested if they did.

And then after a day spent watching the procession, funeral, politics and more, we were saturated. It had been managed perfectly and had gone without a hitch and apparently we’ll be paying it off for a while.

Immediately after the funeral we had a new national anthem, new money on the horizon and everything Queen now becomes King as KC3 takes over. The royal PR team has gone into overdrive as story after story fill the news.

I’m not really anti-monarchy other than resenting the privilege of one unelected family (who weren’t in the direct line of succession) who retain a vast private wealth and have millions of unquestioning minions tugging their forelocks. I

just think it would be nice to be asked and perhaps they could pay for themselves and give up some of their houses (castles and enormous mansions).

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