Train travel

I do like a train journey as there’s never a traffic jam, someone else does the driving and, in some countries, they run on time.

As we were taking Agnes, we had to take a ferry from Penzance to St Mary’s so we had to be in Penzance for a 10am departure. It meant either finding a hotel or, genius, taking the sleeper and so we decided to travel overnight on our Isles of Scilly sojourn and were very pleasantly surprised by the sleeper train to Penzance operated by GWR.

Big T had me worried that it would be like a prison cell with linoleum flooring, no pillow or bedding and we’d need to take sleeping bags but it was nothing of the sort.

A well-designed cabin with a tiny hanging space (not a wardrobe but enough for a coat), a hidden sink, fluffy white bedding and comfortable mattresses on reasonably sized bunk beds. All managed by smiling and helpful staff who made the experience a pleasure.

I’ll be honest and admit it wasn’t the best night’s sleep (a few stops and starts through the journey and the bedding was a little slippery on the return journey) but breakfast in bed was served on a tray and Agnes was allowed to sleep on the floor for £30, for that price I let her get on the bed as it was a bit steep.

Given that we now have train strikes going on, I’m generally disappointed in the rail industry but overall would highly recommend the GWR sleeper… when they’re not on strike!

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