A quick trip to Stockholm

I didn’t have much time between arriving, leaving and meetings but did manage a quick tour of Stockholm hitting a few carefully chosen shops and whetting the appetite to return.

Cyclists on one side, pedestrians on the other
Very Swedish
A juxtaposition
Lots of water and bridges

My impression of Stockholm was one of civilisation. People seemed better dressed, better looking, more considerate, friendlier, healthier and generally living a better quality of life. They didn’t seem to know about the cost of living crisis as the restaurants and shops were full of happy, affluent people. I didn’t see a single homeless person, anyone down on their luck or anyone wearing a cheap black tracksuit.

I sampled some traditional meals and learned about fika, the Swedish coffee break consisting of conversation exchanged with something sweet during the day. The importance of herbs and spices was apparent as saffron, cinnamon and cardamom as well as dill featured on many menus.

I saw beautiful design, Josef Frank textiles, furniture, clothes and more, all rather tempting and a note to self to return with a larger bag (and more money!) next time.

I have watched many a dark Scandi drama (probably known as TV in Sweden) and would love to spend more time in the Nordics. This was just a dip of the toe into the icy waters of the Baltic.

I barely scratched the surface and have much more to see on my next visit (if and when I return)

And then it was hard to leave (literally) and that’s another story!

1 thought on “A quick trip to Stockholm

  1. Marvellous writing and photos, Gemma. You certainly have a gift for capturing the essence of your subject matter. Our love, J and P.

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