Escape from Stockholm

I had decided to leave Stockholm a day earlier than intended as I was supposed to be going to New York, and that’s where it all went wrong.

I was in a bad mood as I’d rearranged everything only to discover at the eleventh hour that I wasn’t going to New York after all. I should have stayed in Stockholm.

It was a mess. I checked out of my hotel a day early and still got charged for the extra night. I took a taxi to the airport and got stuck in horrendous traffic so a thirty minute journey took almost two hours and I finally arrived at the gate with five minutes to spare having run through the whole of Stockholm airport jumping every queue and apologising to half of Sweden.

I hadn’t eaten breakfast and had a splitting headache and then to top it all off, some fucker had a nut allergy which meant I couldn’t eat my emergency granola bar.

I arrived back into London in a very bad state, head pounding and emotions frayed. It took a couple of soft boiled eggs with rye toast and a cup of tea to talk me off the edge.

Lesson learned. Stick to the plan and don’t try to reschedule!

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