One month to go

In a month we’re off on a gap year to Cambodia and Vietnam. All very exciting except for tarantulas.

When I say gap year, I mean three weeks but I’m sure it will be a gap year fast tracked and condensed as we’ll be packing it in.

I have bought a backpack and will be travelling light. My clothes are already sorted and I’m busy building a capsule wardrobe ideal for Asia in January which is hard to imagine from England in November. Apparently it will be quite warm!

As usual I have no idea what the itinerary will be, all having been meticulously planned by Big T who’s been busy reading up.

I just show up, packed and ready to go!

A sobering thought

In September I stopped drinking almost by accident and it seems to have stuck for the moment.

This year my birthday cards all seemed to be about drinking, champagne, raising a glass and everywhere I looked were references to wine o’clock, drinking to cope, drinking for fun or just drinking. I felt I may have reached saturation point.

This weekend we went to a party and I didn’t drink. I had a good time and didn’t find drunk people too annoying. With Christmas rapidly approaching, I might push through to January.

Make mine a gin and tonic, hold the gin!

The dog’s haircut

How is it even possible that the dog’s haircut was more expensive than mine?! Hard to believe but perhaps only in London I suspect!

After many years of funding exorbitantly priced central London hairdressers, I recently took a punt on a local salon for a cut and blow dry, a fraction of the cost but a most stressful experience.

Let’s be honest, you get what you pay for so there was no chat, no discussion about what was happening, just a wash with water running into my ears (I hate that!) a whirlwind of scissors, a rough blow dry and before I knew it, I was catapulted out on to the street half an hour later. The fastest salon experience ever.

I was quite nervous as I have thick hair which can be on the bushy side if not well cut but despite my misgivings about the lack of communication, it all seemed to be ok.

Will I go back? Definitely not for colour which isn’t worth the risk but possibly for a cut as I now know what to expect.

As for the dog’s haircut, she looked amazing, it cost a fortune and took four hours of me hanging around in Battersea killing time by looking for a new bed.

As always, the dog won!

Agnes reclining on velvet whilst draped in cashmere. Couldn’t give a shit!