Phnom Penh

The first morning in Phnom Penh we started with an excellent breakfast and headed off by electric tuk tuk to the Royal Palace.

Apparently we missed the opening hours as it was closed and so headed back towards the Central market.

The market was housed in an Art Deco dome with four arms projecting out. Sectioned into departments, jewellery glistened in the centre, each arm housed clothing separated by demo and then out to food around the perimeter.

Interestingly the fashion was very luxe as many people were wearing Fendi, Gucci and Louis Vuitton (possibly knock offs but they could have been samples) the choice for ladies was a smart coordinating set, similar to pyjamas in bright colours and patterns. Very inspiring.

The food involved fish, shellfish and mollusks (some new to us) in small aquarium, food stalls, vegetables and noodles around the outside of the market.

As markets go, it was fairly quiet, then again, it was Sunday so perhaps a quieter day in general.

After the market I was feeling very tired and needed to have a rest. Jet lag is a strange beast and so I spent a couple of hours relaxing back in the hotel while Big T ventured out to a temple and a genocide museum. A moving and disturbing experience from all accounts.

We reconnected for a spa treatment where a complimentary massage made all the difference and we followed it by relaxing on the sky deck before another early night.

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