Cambodia to Vietnam

After two glorious days of complete pampering and luxury, we left the delights of the Six Senses Krabey Island resort to head to another island in the Gulf of Thailand.

Pho Quoc, as the crow flies is not far from Krabey Island but, being in Vietnam and requiring passport control, involved some more fun logistics.

Option 1: A multiple-part journey going by speedboat, car, bus, taxi, crossing the border into Vietnam and taking a weather-dependent ferry (cheaper option, time unknown).

Option 2: Speedboat, car, small plane to Saigon/Ho Chi Minh and bigger plane back to Pho Quoc (more expensive option, approximately five hours) to end up pretty much where we started, just in another country!

After a lot of research it would seem option 1 wasn’t going to work at all and so we sucked up the cost, booked flights and went for Option 2. Receiving an email the night before we left saying the ferries weren’t operating due to high winds made it all worthwhile and we were very happy with our decision.

We sadly said goodbye to our charming hosts who waved goodbye from the jetty and sped across the water to our waiting car.

Waving goodbye
Leaving Krabey Island by speedboat

Next stop, Vietnam!

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